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Written during the lockdown in april 2020.
This is only a solo & unplugged Demo version, consider it as a sketch.The track was not professionally mixed and was not mastered. An official version of the song will be released soon this summer. It is in progress.


SAD NEWS (corona blues)

Sad news, sad news over from Italy.
Hundreds of deaths, every day, coffins in the streets.
No funeral, no last cortege to say Bye-Bye.
I've been twice in this beautiful place, poor Bergamo cries.

Sad news, sad news tumbling in from Spain.
Hundreds of deaths, compared to what? - Numbering is a sad game.
The health-workers have no masks and their pay is so low.
They risk their life while nursing patients that have to lay on the floor.

Sad news, sad news from New York City!
Disease grows fast in this beehive. It knows no pity.
Forced to stand still is the city who knows not how to sleep.
Flatten the curve, stay at home, we have to beat this brand new disease.

Sad news, sad news not only from Italy.
Hundreds of deaths, every day. Big cities and empty streets.
Everybody is so scared to lose someone they love.
Old shadow-brother Death - it's still you we're afraid of.

Sad News all around the globe.
Live- music and theaters and restaurants, all closed.
Now woirk, no pay but the rent is high.
Who will get supported?
How will we get by?

It's a twenty-first-century weird-old-world. The shutdown was made while the high flying bird greets every-day spring, enjoys airplane less skies. All around the globe have an observant eye.
Yes we have high properties to retain, protect lives and make sure our rights maintain.

Listen to those giant-public-traded companies. They are whining out loud: subvention-money ,please! But nothing came from them for the common good. 'Cause in avoiding taxes they're traditionally good. But who keeps the daily- life running' for us all ? The low-paid-sector! Applause in the government halls. (This is sad.)

Sad news, sad news, where have our taxes gone?
Industrial nations you saved banks, money goes to the wrong.
Economized our hospitals to death. Lobby wanted more.
Now you can't save your citizens and have to tell them "Don't go out the door!"
I stay at home with my guitar.

Sad news, sad news, look at the scientists blue.
They always filed down their report
'bout global warming from planet blue.
But governments never listened to warning words like this,
especially on Fridays.
It seems ignorance serves most politicians for bliss.

Keep your freedom up high in this digital age. They say human-skills soon will be replaced. Robots
pay no taxes, join a secret hobby: collecting data- for your own good only! Let the machine think for you, get in your self-driving car, dumb and dumber- here we are.
Yes we might not be invulnerable. But like our ancestors willing and able. They stood a lot of crisis through. They were made of flesh and blood, brain and a heart like you. A freedom's-venture-mind, love and mortality and nature's spirit make this life unique and free.

Sad news, something we're all going through,
don't let them knock you out,
don't let it get the best of you!
No work, no pay, oh but the rent is high.
Who will get supported?
How will we get by?

Copyright by Claudia Vorbach,Tuebingen Germany, April 2020.
All rights reserved..


from Song Sketches vol​.​2 (unplugged & solo), track released June 2, 2020
Lyrics and music by Claudia Vorbach. Copyright by Claudia Vorbach, Tuebingen, Germany, April 2020. All rights reserved.


all rights reserved



Claudia Vorbach Tübingen, Germany

Claudia Vorbach is a singer-songwriter and a jazz vocalist from southern Germany.
Jazz, Blues, and Folk is crossing her songwriting. She is performing solo (w guitar or piano) or with band in small clubs,pubs etc. or at sofaconcerts. More information on the claudia vorbach website or in english on the All About Jazz musician site. ... more

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