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Come Down Easy

by Claudia Vorbach

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Don` t you know it` s been a long time, since this thing has been holding me, rising up. And it´s so strong that sometimes it even scares me. `Cause nobody ever tells you how to follow your heart no matter how far it` s going. Nobody ever tells you how to walk through your dreams and soon you will know If you follow your dreams you` ll find your heart gives you mountains to climb. And as I, I take a look around, it´s easy to see each of us wants to go higher. And if your heart is serious, then take your time. Enough to make up your mind. And don` t ever let yourself down thinking someone else has got it easier than you. Don´t ever let yourself down, it takes a whole lot of love to carry on If you follow your dreams you` ll find your heart gives you mountains to climb. So many dreamers `re only running from the real world. Their dreams are big but they do not know their heart. But if you want to make your own dream growing, it has to be a true part of your heart. So put yourself in butterfly education because the first and most important transformation has to start in your heart. If you follow your dreams you` ll find your heart gives you mountains to climb. Don` t give up your mountain. If gets harder, don` t give up. If you follow your dreams you will find, how you can uplift your own mind. Follow your mountain.
Life Is A Dance Hey you, don´t you wonder about my ways. Don` t you know you should not?! You could know me right by now. Because when you look into my eyes, you see my heart is open wide. I` m wandering in some footsteps that might be written up ahead. Looking back, looking back, my dream book knew all these things instead. I don` t know if you can see, see the magic I` ve found through you. Still I know it` s only me , inside the middle of the world. With a helping hand like yours moving was so much easier. And with a helping laugh like yours believing a gift of truth and life is a dance... …..to me, to me, to me. Life is a dance. It goes upside down, throws you all around, it goes high and low and I can` t let go. Life is a dance. I` m learning how to listen, to listen to my body, to all these rhythms and rhymes from deep in my mind. Yeah it` s all in the music, it` s all in the music- life is a dance to me. So you, don´t you wonder `bout my ways. Anybody else might know what lies ahead. Sometimes I sit and wonder if any day it` s up to me just, just to show you: life is a dance
Soultime (Recreation) There is a way. And there is a light. There is a song that leads me right. There is a time. No matter what season. A time to take for myself no matter what reason I call it soultime. Time to free my mind. Soultime! I need that recreation! There is a question. Without any answer. Life is unlasting and we`re on the way. What can you do ? I try to be true. I` m so glad I` ve got music to pull me through And give me soultime. Time to free my mind. You have to move two things in rhyme. Like night and day are changing time. ..to give you soultime. Time to free your mind.. Now I jumped over to the shore and baby who could ask for more ? For lucky me found space and time to let love rule my soul and mind... Soultime..
It Goes To My Head It goes to my head how you move me. It goes to my head, how I still am and how life is so rich and so amazing even though the last time is around. And it goes to my head as the echo’s still buzzing around. May I say I`m lucky to have lived in these colors of light ? How sweet for me to have love inside me. I wanna let it show. And you, you go to my head. And it goes to my head, however I’ ll change I hope always to let love, let love live inside me. So sweet for me … Will it go to my head if darkness falls down ? Will it go to my head, these memries of joy of life inside me? How sweet for me..
Your Island 03:10
Your Island My head aches. My world shakes. Turns me upside down. My back hurts. My mind just talks, talks, talks. My dreams are restless at night. But you can build a little island around you and me. Yes you can build a little island and the wind is the sea. My thoughts `re spinning `round. My burdon is heavy. And my way is so long. But you have so much love to give. If I fall. I fall into your arms. I can rest wherever you are. Cause you can build a little island.. We can stand the darkness.
Right Now 03:44
Right Now Right now we both have found us. Right now close enough for love. Right now still each of us has miles to walk around. Right now. Might be we are lifetimes apart. You` ve seen a lot, a lot of hearts coming and going your way. Might be that nobody has told me friendship could change this way. Right now we` re fallin`, fallin`.. into each others arms. Right now we both don` t know how strong the winds of love will be. To take another lovelight-ship all over the sea. Right now what else to do than follow that warm, follow that warm feeling inside. Right now what else to do than follow the heart. It might have a plan. Right now, we`re fallin, fallin without knowing were sweet love is gonna go but right know: we got a lot of love to let show. Please don` t worry about it, please don `t worry about it we got to give it while we can. Right now We`re fallin, fallin` Can`t help but falling into each others hearts.
Circuitous Ways It´s not like walking in the rain. `Cause there `re so many things unseen. I wonder is this my heart, that is talking to me ? It`s like walking in a dream. Constantly I turn my head around. Trying to step out into real morning light. Is it big or is it small ? Is it nothing at all ? Am I just fooling myself ? Is it near or is it far ? What am I seeking for ? Seems my whole life is circuitous ways. Thoughts whisper in my head. My belly scares me to death. It`s like a jungle in my brain. What do I walk for ? Let me feel holy ground. Oh I wish I could feel the light, the light i`ve seen through you. Circles `re taking their time to draw their waterline. Do you only feel your roots while somebody is tearing at them ? I find myself so small. My impatience sees nothing at all. Seems my whole life is circuitous ways.
All We Are 04:51
All We Are All we are is all we try. We could have been. If only we just took these words out of our lust, our lust for life. All I am is all I try. Don` t ask why. I don`t know why. `Cause here is now and universe is in our hearts not in our minds. So why do we forget the thing that might have been our wave within ? No desperation will keep us free from searching for our reality. We got to lose this search for proof of our dignity. No sense in wond`ring who we are. We might be only falling stars. We got to lose this asking for what we get and why we should. All we are is all we try.
Open Wings 03:54
Open Wings Open fields inside my heart. I got a dream to lose. Black old sky over Rome. Cars rushing by so fast. Tiny flowers rocking in the warm wind of my soul. I was searching another whole day through. You have to leave to get back home. Fly, fly, fly eagle fly. Tonight I can feel your wings. I feel your flap grazing my eyes. You see what` s out of my sight. Source of light. Visitor by night. May I be as bold as you are. Soaring high. Over my mountains I` ll fly. Instead of climbing you teach my feet’ s wings yeah. Fly, fly, fly eagle fly. Tonight I can feel your wings. High above these wings of love can truly offer you freedom. Fear it calls and tries to build walls as soon as you walk on your own. Try to find a place in your mind to let the eagle touch down. You said: Admit your doubts and do discover their meaning. Admit your doubts and do discover their meaning. I got a dream to lose.
Come Down Easy Make me hold on for a moment please. I don`t wanna be troubled no more by the illusion of the speed of time Only hustling down the line. That`s not my way. Come down easy when you`re weary all these thoughts build a knot on your brain. Come down easy when you`re weary all these troubles, throw them all away! But you`re running all the way. No time, there`s no time left for thinking things over. No more lazy bone I hear you say. Ain`t that a pitty ? You`re childhood days were so pretty. Come down easy.. Make this crazy world your home.And you`ll soon find out. There is room, room beyond these clouds You just gotta keep on moving and follow the south way home to this island in the stream. Don`t you know there is ? Come down easy.. You`ve got to come down easy, hey cause you look so weary all these troubles throw them all away!
Two Trees 03:35
Two Trees Someone I can rely on. Someone that I can trust. Someone who listens and opens eyes. Someone who brings me back to myself. Someone for every day and nighttime. Someone who walks in my heart with me. Stronger than the time, that’s what we are. As strong as two trees. Someone as natural as you are. Someone who’s including everything. Someone who is carrying truth in her soul. The dragon with fire and calm. Someone I will always wait for. Guess who. The beautiful is you. Stronger than the time... And you always walk in my heart with me. No matter how far. No matter where you are. You always walk in my heart with me.
Give It To The Time When you’re feeling troubled and worries come your way. And all these clouds blocking your sunshiny day. And you thoughts they wanna spin forward, trying to make a plan. But fear throws you 2 steps backward - you can’t seem to take your stand. When you just don’t know if you might take the changes up ahead. Can’t find peace of mind. Lying awake in your bed. Won’t you please let it loose and give it to the time to ease your mind. Have a little faith, have a little faith, … unto the light of day! Have a little faith, have a little faith, ... everything is gonna come your way. Give it to the time, when you’re feeling troubled. Give it to the time, to the light of day. Give it to the time, when you’re uncertain. Everything is gonna come your way. You tell me you’re so lowdown. But you don’t know what it is. It seems loneliness has caught you, now you’re stuck in between. Won’t you please let it loose and give it to the time to ease your mind. Have a little faith,.... Give it to the time,...
See You Home 06:30
See You Home Sad enough for being true. And I must admit I’m scared about it. Is this really you who is running through my dreams these nights? Or is it me letting you go? Saying bye-bye there’s nothing here you need to come back for. You were racing through your life. Always been in silence or in storm too long. I could never, never take care, take care of your darkness. Is it you? Do you need me to say: Fall down, fall down, it’s alright to fall down. I sat there at your bed. Telling you how the season has changed. You were wondering ’bout the autumn tree. Laughing about how time flies. You chose a golden day to let our tears all rain down. I don’t know what` s up there. And I don’t want to talk about laws, laws that are over my head. But please give me a sign: how can I take care of my old man? Tryin’ to send you love, love for a river to see you home. Is it cold out there ? Somebody give him a blanket. I try to send you love for a river to see you home.


Entitelt as "Come Down Easy" this acoustic album has a laid-back mood and a very natural, uncontrived singing.
A jazzy kind of lightness, soulful vocals, some flowing hip hop grooves and few folk pop songs is what you can hear. All 13 songs were written & arranged by Claudia Vorbach.
So far some listeners felt reminded to some "folk jazz-singer-songwriters" i.e. Terry Callier, Rickie Lee Jones & Joni Mitchell.
Claudia was very happy to be supported by the experienced recording engineer Tom Krueger in the Klangraum Studio Mainz, taking care for a pretty good sound.
Listen to it loud so you will notice :-)
As she could not afford much studio time, the whole thing had to be done in 3 days.


released August 8, 2016

Claudia Vorbach – vocals, guitar on 5, 9, 13.
Tobias Becker – piano, rhodes on 1, 6, 8, 12.
Axel Kuehn – double bass.
Felix Schrack – drums.
Very special guest: Klaus Graf flute on track 2.

All music, lyrics, arrangements by Claudia Vorbach.
Recorded by Tom Krueger and Matthias Krueger at Klangraum Mainz 2013.
Mix Tom Krueger @ no sé? studio.
Artwork: ArtBuero Tuebingen.
Photos: Fany Fazii, except band photos: Matthias Krueger, Claudia Vorbach

There are many people who helped me make this record possible.
I want to give MY HEARTFELT THANKS to all of them:
To my family and my friends – especially to my mother and grandmother; to my music teachers: Fola Dada, Freddy Wilkes, Tobias Becker – just to name a few; to Donna Blagg for keeping an eye on the lyrics; to Markus and Milagros in Wiesbaden; to Inge and Kurt in Bremen; to Klaus Graf who introduced me to the wonderful "Krueger Brothers" – never change a winning team :-); and, of course, to Axel, Felix, Tobi, Klaus and Tom for putting in their work and their spirit.
And last but not least, a deeply thank-you to every listener I met along the way for appreciating my music.
You‘ve made it a pleasure to keep going!!


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Claudia Vorbach Tübingen, Germany

Claudia Vorbach is a singer-songwriter and a jazz vocalist from southern Germany.
Jazz, Blues, and Folk is crossing her songwriting. She is performing solo (w guitar or piano) or with band in small clubs,pubs etc. or at sofaconcerts. More information on the claudia vorbach website or in english on the All About Jazz musician site. ... more

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